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Tue 26Oct21 PR Campaign to Starve, Imprison “Dirty, Filthy Unvaxed”

October 26, 2021
  • Demonizing “dirty, filthy” unvaxed: PR campaign to imprison & starve the unvaxed begins on multiple fronts as man drives car into protestors and Australia brags banishment until 2023 at least
  • Fauci outrage grows over more animal experiments to study what parts of the brain are involved in fear.  His critics miss the point of the experiment and remain indifferent to his vivisection of human babies
  • RFK Jr & another nephew say the continued secrecy of JFK papers are “an outrage against democracy”
  • Mainstream media hawks transgenderism for kids at Halloween & Penn Jillette falls hook, line, and sinker for the dumbest hoax of all time
  • More nurses speak out about the cover-up and the pandemic hoax
  • The BEST vaccine protest song — ever
  • Massive protests by workers against jab mandate
  • Border collapse expands as possibility the biggest caravan yet approaches and Biden works to fire more border agents b/c vax mandate
  • “Weathervane” Trump media adjusts for anti-vax headwinds


2:00  Romania drives a stake thru the heart of the BigPharma vampire, ends vaccination campaign after people refuse and resist en masse.

3:40 Listener letter from nurse in Colorado on WHY nurses she works with are refusing the jab and skeptical of the pandemic

11:43 Fauci’s Sadistic Science: More Animal Torture Emerges. More horrific animal experiments to study what parts of the brain are involved in fear.  His critics don’t understand the purpose of the experiment is as heinous as his torture and remain indifferent to his live dissection of human babies

28:56 Jamaican “church” kills one, nearly two, in ritual human sacrifice

33:29 China is moving to vaccinate 3 yr olds.  RJK Jr’s has put together arguments & sample letter to STOP vaccination of children in US 5-11 yr old.  Here’s what they say…

41:21 FBI agent, 45 YO, dies less than 24 hours after his job jab.  So he doesn’t count as “vaccinated” (defined as 14 days after jab)

47:26 Now that booster is REQUIRED to get green pass in Israel, confusion about whether different jabs can be mixed. “The Atlantic” comes to the rescue with a handy chart of what is “best” combination of mixed Trump juices

50:50 The Amish, Vaccines & “Pandemic” - Sheryl Attkisson

1:03:07 Listener reports massive resistance against Quicken Loans jab mandate

1:05:12 More indication the tide is turning: Trump “Weathervane Media” like Mark Levin & Alex Jones are trying to distance themselves from jab (and Trump’s creation of it)

1:19:28 PR Campaign to Imprison & Starve UnVaxed. Australia will purge unvaxed from “the vaccinated economy” until 2023 regardless of “herd immunity”.  Concentration camps are being built.  In the USA, Chomsky pushes starvation & prison for unvaxed as enraged member of the Jab-Mob drives a car into a crowd of jab protestors.  It’s coming…

1:37:35 FL Gov Ron DeSantis has done some good things in fighting covid tyranny.  Can he be trusted?

2:18:07 Listener abroad writes that the Austrian lockdown based on ICU usage is even more questionable than I previously reported.  In Australia, hospital worker creates an awkward moment for talk show host as he explains how ICU is being filled up

2:26:03 WATCH: Border Invasion’s Biggest Caravan Yet. as Biden plans to fire thousands more Border Patrol, reportedly as high as 5,000 fired.  Also, report from Chuck Holton in Central America

2:37:53 Secrecy of JFK Papers “An Outrage Against Democracy”. Memento of the cop who arrested Oswald is the perfect analogy of what is happening to America right now. RFK Jr and Patrick Henry speak out against continued concealment.  We can’t have a “government within a government”.

2:53:49 Penn Jillette Gets Pwned by THE Most Absurd Hoax. Penn & Teller, debunkers of trickers and skeptics of all things religious, has fallen for the most absurd religion of all.  “Fool Us”, indeed


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