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Tue 5Oct21 Parents Who Redress Grievances Declared Enemies of the State, FBI Will Investigate

October 5, 2021


2:00 Should Facebook & other major corporations be given a seat at the UN?  Are they the handmaids or the controllers of government?  The “Deep State” is the Surveillance State, Facebook and social media are its Frankenstein creation

23:11 The bizarre things that happened with Facebook going down — and the reactions.  A harbinger of an apocalypse or a new dawn?

38:40 GREAT NEWS for nurses losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates

40:10 Listener letters: Facing termination but determined and trusting God, an employer who’s supporting employee’s informed consent and taking steps to circumvent Biden’s mandate

46:52 In 2003, New South Wales, Australia — the government threatened people with massive fines for the FRAUDULENT CLAIMS THAT MASKS WORKED, citing research that even N95 masks are USELESS AFTER 20 MINUTES

57:35 Efforts to block dishonorable discharge for military who refuse the vaccine from both GOP Senators and even the House.  Biden opposes.  Will there be practical limitations that prevent court martial?

1:07:10 Trump’s FDA head (now at Pfizer) tells Americans they will sacrifice their individual rights to the collective good as Fauci is lecturing Canadians with the same message

1:15:27 Israeli study shows hospital with 96% fully vaxed staff STILL got sick and transmitted to fully vaxed patients (5 died).  Two unvaxed patients had mild symptoms only.

1:18:33 Health care worker takes jab to keep job, gets paralyzedNO medical care or rehab and no “vaccine passport” to live her life w/o 2nd jab

1:22:44 Project Veritas — 3 Pfizer scientists admit on hidden camera that natural immunity is far better than their vaccine

1:31:22 After association of School Board bureaucrats demanded FBI investigate parents who speak out, Attorney General Garland declares them “domestic terrorists”.  Are you ready to take your child out and SHUT DOWN these schools, these seminaries for Marx & Satan?

2:04:20 INTERVIEW: From Shot to Clot & Merck’s Copycat Patent. Dr. Joel Hirschhorn, MD PhD (author of "Pandemic Blunder”) on the mechanism of vaccine-induced blood clots, the intimidation and purging of medical dissent, and Merck has pivots to an expensive therapeutic

2:52:59 Schumer’s 4D Chess. Dems now furious about the secret deal and the lies. And jailed Marine Lt Col Schiller, still be held w/o trial, wants NOTHING to do with the partisan division — so the Trump cult attacks

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