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Tuesday 20July21 Local Patriot Networking for Survival; The Right to Farm & Eat

July 20, 2021

* "Vision ZERO" part of the plan to make sure you have ZERO MOBILITY — how it's rolling out in cities now; wireless EV charging embedded in road?

* INTERVIEW: Jeff Salmeri, Sons of Liberty Survival Outfitters,, on networking patriots, businesses, local law enforcement for strong, survivable communities

* Maine & other states are looking to protect the right to grow your own food in anticipation of govt/corporate prohibitions of certain food and meat

* Lawsuit filed against federal government with allegations from whistleblower of massive cover-up of deaths — 45,000 died within 3 days of the Trump shots

* Johns Hopkins researcher's WSJ op-ed piece exposes the LIES being told to vaccinate children

* Louis Pasteur Institute announces Ivermectin is the solution to COVID on the same day Macron announces vaccine mandates

* United States of Depravity — the globalist war on children (and families)


5:41 45,000 Deaths Within 3 Days of Trump Shots?  New lawsuit against federal government alleges whistleblower discovered cover-up in Covid vaccine deaths.  CDC VAERS deaths have accelerated — increased by 2,000 people EACH WEEK for the last 2 weeks

27:19 Johns Hopkins Doc: NO Justification for Vaccinating Children. WSJ op ed piece — analyzed approximately 48,000 kids under 18 diagnosed with Covid.  Found a mortality rate of ZERO.  CDC’s Walensky says jabbing 1 MILLION kids would save 1 life?  Has she looked at VAERS?

30:39 CNN tries to answer objections to Trump shotswith LIES

40:53 From Foo Fighters “vaccinated only concert” to NY Yankees opening game, vaccinated players’ sickness is shutting down their “vaccine-safety” events.  They should call the Trump shots OUTBREAK, not BREAKTHROUGH because the mRNA reprograms your body to MANUFACTURE the deadly spike protein

42:58 Johnson & Johnson: Greed & Legal Tricks to Avoid Paying Its Victims.  Perhaps this is why the opioid producer jumped into the “liability-free” vaccine business. The giant corporation is creating shell companies to avoid paying victims of talc Baby Powder that the company continued to sell for decades after knowing its dangers.

53:40 Right to Eat & Grow Food: Efforts to Protect in State Constitutions.  An important issue that doesn’t align conveniently with political parties or labels.  As technocrats & BigAgra come together to control food, this is how state movements are trying to protect the right to produce and consume food of our choice.

1:15:53 Democrats want to force women 18-25 to register for the draft and have unveiled a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the Federal level — and tax it.  NEWS FLASH: 2/3 of states have already decriminalized it, nullified the unconstitutional UN agenda of the Drug War. 

1:24:48 Listener letter: why corporations can/should be stopped from taking our rights and why didn’t Trump do anything about BLM/Antifa or Soros who funded them

1:42:28  Mutilating Ourselves & Our Children. “Human Satan” has his surgeries and body-mods go bad but EU takes legal actions against Hungary & Poland for trying to protect their children from a satanic agenda pushing body mutilation and “dysphoria”. BigTech creates “Pregnant Man” emoji.  This societal change is not natural and coming from the people — it is being FORCED upon us

2:37:06 Billionaire Ego-Trips, Feral Pigs & Automobiles.  Which one is a threat to “climate”?  Which one feeds at the public trough? Bezos wants to make space tourism like commercial airline travel.  But they’re restricting air travel b/c of climate panic

2:46:10 5G & Road That Charges EV “In-Motion” via Induction.  Roads are being systematically destroyed in NYC & in Biden’s “infrastructure” bill. Your neighbor is being bribed to put up 5G antennas close to you and a scheme “in-motion charging” of EV cars while you drive via induction from the road bed.


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