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Wed 19May21 BREAKING NEWS INTERVIEW: Kitchen, JCCF lawyer for 2 arrested Canadian pastors

May 19, 2021

Wed 19May21 BREAKING NEWS INTERVIEW: Kitchen, JCCF lawyer for 2 arrested Canadian pastors

  • BREAKING NEWS INTERVIEW: James Kitchen, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, lawyer for 2 Canadian pastors who were arrested for holding church services (Stephens and Coates)
  • Pentagon the latest federal bureaucracy to admit it’s spying on public using social media
  • AMA embraces CRT & rejects meritocracy — it’s all about politics, NOT medicine
  • Fauci admits mask is theatre and a few GOP in Congress personally rebel against Pelosi’s mask orders
  • Tesla autopilot hits cops car in US after running over 2 cops in China (1 dead)


1:58 Tycoon dumps 47 MILLION GALLONS of toxic waste into Flynt water supply and gets 1 year of jail — another man faces LIFE IN PRISON for possession of 1.5 OUNCES of pot

5:27  Military Begins Political Purge of Conservatives.  A new Pentagon group created to scan social media of military personnel for anti-Muslim, pro-Christian, conservative “threats”.  They want a mercenary politicized military

19:15 Will AI, Artificial Intelligence, Crush Humans? It’s NOT God.  It’s a tool of evil technocrats but don’t fear it or them.  Understand the war they want, understand it will dangerous — perhaps resulting in Giga-Deaths — but don’t fear them

24:16 Tesla AutoPilot: International Cop Killer.  Last 2 days — 2 cops run over in China, a cop car hit in Washington state.  There have been other cop cars and firetrucks hit.  But look at Top Gear’s James May’s experience with his own Tesla…

32:41 Franklin Graham Joins CNN, Hillary & Biden to Fight “Hesitancy”.  Franklin can’t believe 50% of German doctors and nurses would say they’re NOT getting an EXPERIMENTAL jab.  Maybe they know something he doesn’t.  But he keeps trying to use Jesus to redirect people to PHARMAKEIA (greek word for drugs, witchcraft) and BigPharma (who’ve not repented of their murders) as the saviors we need now

43:00 What do say if you’re asked your vaccination status by your employer, school, church, friend…

52:38 Dallas Govt: From Ebola, to Lockdown & NOW Troops in Uniform Coercing & Putting Jabs in Arms.  Intimidating a 7-11 employee? Going to bars to inject drunk people?  THIS is Trump’s militarized Operation Warp Speed.  They said last fall it would be military putting jabs in arms, not only delivering vaccines.  It’s always in Dallas, where corrupt govt officials partnered with Fauci & NIH with Ebola in 2014 to tell everyone there was NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT and then tried to lock up a hair salon owner last year.

1:03:54 Cards, letters and Scout’s condition

1:12:58 This is what pharmaceutical trade publications were saying about Moderna and it’s “buggy” mRNA reprogramming in Jan 2017

1:17:00 BREAKING NEW INTERVIEW: James Kitchen, attorney with Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, — the organization defending 2 of the 3 pastors arrested in Canada for holding church.  He speaks on the cases and what is happening to small businesses as well in the lockdown

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