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Wed 22Jun22 Biden Tips ”2nd Pandemic”; Germany & UK Get Serious Criminalizing Dissent

June 22, 2022
  • Biden says money is needed not just to jab infants with mRNA Trump shots, but because of the coming Second Pandemic
  • Germany criminalizes "Delegitimization of the State" as UK talks ankle monitors and criminal prosecution for dissent
  • SCOTUS says Maine cannot exclude funding for religious schools.  Is secular, neutral education a fiction? What is the difference between establishment and exercise? What does this mean for education and for government schools?
  • SCOTUS extends qualified immunity of government agencies to an absurd level
  • Allegations of missing $1.8M in the trucker People's Convoy
  • Gun control is immediately passed by House after GOP pushes it through in the Senate.  The most dangerous part may not be the "Red Flag" portion
  • Navy Shipwreck: "Climate Change Wargame" and lectures on pronouns
  • Progressive Progression: Transgender > Transhumanism > VR "Reality"
  • Metaverse isn't just a fake copy of the physical universe, and a poor imitation of life — it's a phony religion as well
  • Biden brags that no other country is injecting infants with mRNA except USA



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