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Wed 27Oct21 Child Hospitalizations Plummet, So FDA Moves to Approve 5 yr olds Get Untested Jab

October 27, 2021
  • “We’ll never know it’s safe unless we start giving it” — Vaccine Cult targets 5-11 yr olds
  • Child hospitalizations plummet even as vaccine is rolled out.  It’s NOT an emergency, just an excuse
  • If a Pelosi “wealth tax” precedent wasn’t bad enough, Yellen says it will be on fantasy wealth — “unrealized capital gains”.  Don’t worry it’s only for billionaires (like the income tax originally was sold)
  • GreatReset/UN climate conference — we only have 8 yrs to save the planet.  Here’s a look at their endless, failed doom/gloom prophecies
  • Deliberate sabotage of supply chain
  • Military contractors of missiles, helicopters, etc warn they can’t function with mandated jab firings as Biden pushes conflict with China


2:04 “Emergency”? FDA Committee Approves Jabs Down to 5 yo. The usual suspects — FDA, PlannedParenthood, Univ of Pittsburgh — have been killing kids as an experiment for a long time.  Even Bloomberg shows HHS data that child hospitalizations plummet, as FDA says “we’ll never know [jabs] are safe unless we start giving it”.

31:33 C2PA — a communist coalition of BigTech & BigMedia for censorship

33:30 Merchants of Death Push Mix-N-Match Jab “Boosters”. CDC is NOT an oversight agency. It’s a private marketing arm of BigPharma now pushing Mix-N-Match injections.  Anything goes for money but there’s SOMETHING ELSE at play here

40:47 MANY are asking why it took a puppy story to out Fauci as a psychopath — there’s denial of cheap life saving drugs now and in the past, running a lethal experiment on ALL humanity — to name of few of the more obvious issues

52:40 Listeners’ letters — family split as vaxed want unvaxed isolated from the family — listener asks how to respond

58:33 IMPORTANT NEWS FOR TEXANS: This Tuesday, a Constitutional Amendment is on the ballot to STOP government from EVER SHUTTING DOWN churches during an emergency 

1:00:40 Biden’s staff tries to walk back his Taiwan statement.  Meanwhile, earthquake has damaged major semiconductor facility there, potentially sending more shock waves through supply chain

1:04:53 A Tax on “Wealth”? Yellen: Tax on “Unrealized Gain”. A wealth tax would be a dangerous new precedent but this is even worse — taxing you on the “paper value” of assets that you haven’t sold.  It’s only for billionaires? That’s what they said about the “income” tax at the start

1:23:08  “False Profits”: Climate Prophets of Doom Give Yet Another Final Warning. Now you’ve got 8 yrs left.  Here’s a look at their “end of world” projections for the last 51 yrs.

1:41:25 Alec Baldwin shooting brings out the gun control lunatics

1:50:44 “Women’s Rights”? Get an Abortion or Get Fired. DC cops, one who is now the Assistant Police Chief, say they were forced by the superiors to have an abortion or leave the force.  NYT warns pregnant women about Tylenol and “other dangerous, under studied health risks” as Biden is forcing pregnant women to take the Soylent Gene TrumpJuice or lose their jobs.

1:55:27 Even major military industrial complex federal contractors are warning Biden they won’t be able to continue producing if he continues with his economy-destroying jab mandates

2:08:12 Washington governor (D) issues state jab mandate for private businesses; Alabama governor (R) does head-fake protection, prohibiting only state agencies from jab passport/mandates but allowing private employers to do it

2:14:02 Jabbed Firefighter Leads Fight Against Jab Mandate. “If they’re able to get away with this, there will be no end to the humiliating violations of bodily autonomy in the future." 

2:40:02 Who Knew? Big Tech censors come for the Left. 

2:44:55 US supply chain disruptions are deliberate, no question about it.  The question is who’s giving the orders and how much more damage they’ll do as multiple officials say they see no end in sight.


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