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Wed 6Apr22 ”Take 2 Aspirin & Call Me By My Pronouns”, Author Dr. Goldfarb, MD; CRISPR & Davos Transhumanism; Inflation, Scarcity, MMT

April 6, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: "Take 2 Aspirin & Call Me By My Pronouns" author Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, MD on how medical educational is being corrupted by "woke" politics and how medical care is being segregated and weaponized by race
  • Pfizer document dump shows they hired 1,800 people to process vaccine injury reports and we learn for the first time how many adverse events during the first 3 months.  But it's RARE!
  • Why neither party will do anything to address gas prices other than political posturing
  • As prices explode, the role of scarcity, deficits, and MMT
  • CRISPR gene editing and the connection to Davos' transhumanism
  • Did a trial prove Ivermectin doesn't work? Both sides of the study
  • One college pays dearly for its unjust targeting of a small family business.  An example of unrepentant radicalism that is destroying all institutions — educational, corporate and governmental


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